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"We tried Leicester Driving Academy with our drivers and have seen a real improvement in the drivers. We also found it really helpful both financially and practically using them to check drivers licences in which case they provided us with an in depth report."

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Effects to the business

Loss of earnings

Paying salaries for staff members that are off work though illness or injury.

Replacement staff or temporary staff

Replacement vehicles

Loss of sales if your employee is off work.

Loss of customers if you fail to meet previously arranged deadlines.

Legal expenses

Potential future higher insurance premiums.

Perhaps a prosecution and the resultant court costs.

Even the possibility of a staff member being imprisoned through the driving actions of the employee.

Fleet Training

Our Driving Cars - Leicester Driving AcademyFleet training is training given to drivers who already have a full licence but could do with a little further training.

This could be because they may have been be involved in accidents (not necessarily their fault), need confidence or just to make sure they are at a good standard before they drive the company vehicle.

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Having drivers trained has its benefits:

1.Hopefully reduce the amount of accidents thus having less time off work through stress or injury.

2. A better public image by promoting staff as a core element of recruitment and training.

3. The potential for reducing road traffic injury costs.

THE COST of implementation?

Everything comes with a price, but can that price be less than what you pay now? Costs will differ for every company, and will depend upon exactly what training you receive. It will range from a one day driving assessment to a full fleet management audit and driver assessment and training for every driver and member of the management team.

The management team are vital. Without their understanding and backing, other staff will not respond positively.

A standard driver training programme would last a whole day and will include a classroom based training session.

A fleet audit can best be explained as follows: Imagine one of your vehicles is involved in a fatality. We will visit your premises as if we were the investigating team. We will look at accident reporting schemes, continual licence verification, driver improvement schemes, driver assessment schemes, and so on.

We will then prepare a comprehensive report similar to one we would have previously presented to the Coroner or the High Court, but in this case it will be presented to a member of your senior management team. You then decide what action, if any, you wish to take.

To determine just how far you need to go, you need only ask yourself the following questions. Do you react after the accident has happened? Do you rely on the fact that your vehicles are insured and therefore someone else will be paying for your losses?

If only it were that simple. The Health and Safety Executive estimate that for every 1 paid out by insurance companies, the real loss to the company involved will be up to 36, and will never be less than 8.

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